Artelon Spacer Lawsuit

Artelon SpacerArtelon Spacer Lawsuit

The Steinberg Law Firm is evaluating claims for an Artelon Spacer Lawsuit. The FDA has indicated reports have been filed from patients having Artelon Spacer problems implanted with the CMC device. An Artelon Spacer Lawsuit would include patients implanted with the device that have experienced problems including persistent pain, inflammation and limited hand mobility. Revision surgery may be necessary to remove the device and repair the damage of bone loss and deterioration from the use of the Artelon Spacer implant. If you or a loved one has experienced Artelon Spacer problems, you may be entitled to financial compensation and are urged to contact our law firm today to learn more about the Artelon Spacer Lawsuit.

Health Risk with Artelon Spacer

Artelon Spacer Lawsuit symptoms and side effects:

  • Failing Thumb Joint
  • Disfigured thumb as a result of an unsuccessful implantation
  • Shooting Pain
  • Burning Pain
  • Inflammation and Swelling
  • Reduced range of motion in thumb and hand
  • Misshapen thumb
  • Breakage of the Artelon Spacer device

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Consult A Lawyer on Legal Issues

We encourage you to contact us at 888-529-4688 to discuss your Artelon Spacer case with an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

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Consult A Doctor On Medical Issue

Please consult your doctor, not your lawyer, on matters relating to your health. It could be dangerous to stop taking medicines, especially abruptly. Patients should talk to their physicians to decide whether the benefits and risks of using Artelon Spacer implant make it the right choice for them.